Insulin Drip Calculator -- Goal 90-130 -- 2017

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                                        Disclaimer and Usage Instructions

This program is for use in hospitalized patient with diabetes mellitus or hyperglycemia (glucose >130).

The use of this program requires a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner's order.

It is recommended that all patients receive a constant calorie source, e.g. tube feeding, dextrose infusion, or TPN. This prevents physiological stress induced swings in glucose levels, as well as provides some necessary nutrition.

The maximum infusion rate is 100 units/hr

Generally, patients should have their glucose monitored hourly; however, if (1) the patient is on a stable calorie intake, (2) the glucose readings are stable in goal (around 90-130 mg/dl), and (3) the patient is physiologically stable, then the frequency of glucose readings, with a provider order, can be changed to every 2 hours

If rapid correction of glucose is necessary, the insulin drip can be adjusted every 20 minutes

If the patient begins to eat or is getting bolus feeding, the patient should be switched to subcutaneous insulin.

The calculated insulin rate needs to be implemented with consideration of the patient's clinical course, however deviating from calculated dose needs a provider order.


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