Enter Data Fingerstick Glucose (mg/dL)                                                                                 

Carbohydrates eaten (grams)                                                                                  

Ratio (grams carbohydrate per 1 unit of insulin)                                     

Correction (mg/dl glucose dropped per 1 unit of insulin)                 



Disclaimer and Usage Instructions
  • This program is for use in hospitalized patient with diabetes mellitus or hyperglycemia (glucose >130).
  • It is based on the fingerstick glucose being take before the start of eating.
  • It is based on the carbohydrates actually eaten, not what is delivered to the patient
  • The use of this program requires a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner's order that specifies the ratio and correction values.
  • The suggested insulin needs to be implemented with consideration of the patient's clinical course.
  • It assumes that it about 4 hours since last insulin dose

2007 Paul E. Knudson, MD